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If I am not able to travel, can I reschedule my bus ticket?

Tickets can only be rescheduled before the original travel time. Please note that some operators do not allow rescheduling bus ticket. You may refer to the bus terms and conditions at the bottom of your e-tickets for more information, or visit Reschedule Bus Ticket.

What promotions or discounts do you offer for bus tickets? 

In partnership with bus operators, GotoBus offers different types of discounts on bus tickets such as coupons, round-trip discounts, and loyalty programs to earn free tickets for frequent riders. To find more information about promotions and deals visit

How to find my lost on the bus?

GotoBus and bus carriers are not responsible for lost or misplaced baggage. But you can contact GotoBus or bus carriers to double check if driver find any lost baggage on the bus.

Do you have discount for the child? What’s the child’s rate?

Some bus carriers offer discount for child; but not all bus carriers. You can check the child’s price on the detailed route. If there is no mentioned about child’s price, it means the price is the same with adult’s. Children, including infants, are required to have a seat on the bus. Please bring a car seat for the child if necessary.

Do you have wifi/power plug/AC/restroom on the bus?

Bus features can be checked when you search the bus routes online. Wi-fi service is offered by some of the carriers on the East Coast. Additional schedules may be added during weekends and holidays which are served by third party buses, and it is not guaranteed that there will be wi-fi access as advertised. Please contact the bus company in advance to confirm service availability.

What is Credit Card Verification (CCV) and what I need to do with it?

It is an online verification form requires customers to upload certain documents to verify valid purchases. If you receive the email requiring CCV, it means your booking is not complete until we receive the Credit Card Verification Form. Normally the card holder is required to do the following which you can upload directly online:

  1. Fill out and sign a credit card authorization form in order for us to finish the confirmation of your booking.
  2. Email a picture of the credit card used
  3. Email a picture of the card holder ID

The driver left me in the half way, what should I do?

Unfortunately if you are left on the half way, please contact customer service for details. Driver will turn around to pick you up if he is just near by; or you will need to wait for next bus.

If I’m late for my bus, can driver wait for me?

The bus will on schedule and will not wait for customers who are late for the bus.

If I miss my bus, can I reschedule or get money back?

If you miss your bus, the ticket will be expired and invalid. It is non-refundable and could not be rescheduled. You will need to book a new ticket for your journey.

What should I do if the bus is delayed?

Normally if the bus is delayed, bus operator will update the status online. You can first go to “Bus Tracking System” to check the bus status. Then you will see how much time the bus will be delayed.

If it is still on schedule, please contact customer service representatives if you are already at bus station without seeing the bus.