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Will you escort me to hotel if I book ‘Bus+Hotel’ combination?

The bus only drops off at the bus station’s address. The bus will not drop off at your specific hotel.

Is breakfast included in my hotel reservation?

Whether or not breakfast is included depends on the individual hotel. You may check hotel page directly if needed.
For hotels that do serve meals, breakfast times will vary, but the front-desk staff will let you know when serving time starts and ends. If your room reservation does not include breakfast, there may be a restaurant in or near the hotel.

Can I reschedule my hotel reservation?

No, all hotel reservations are date-specific.  You will have to cancel your reservation and rebook a new one.  Please see ‘How do I cancel my hotel reservation?

How do I cancel my hotel reservation?

To cancel your hotel reservation, please send us a cancellation request via email or, if you have a GotoBus account, use our communication tool under ‘My Bookings’. Cancellation policies vary by hotel and room type. The cancellation policy will incur penalties, which are listed on your confirmation voucher and our website product page.

The general cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Requires a minimum no-show and cancellation fee of one night regardless of the hotel with which you book your reservation.
  • There is6% handling fee add-on to the above penalties